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I took over the responsibility as Principal of Kendriya Vidyalaya,BSF,Ramgarh, on 23Feb,2015. It gives me immense pleasure to greet all the parents, members of the staff and students through this platform.

It is our bounden duty tohonour and take ahead the good of the past and weave the present into our future plans. The new trends in education indicate full utilization of human resources in a disciplined way, thus shaping a holistic human being, who continues to grow in knowledge, curiosity, courage, confidence andcomprehension. The need of the hour is that all of us --teachers, parents and students-- learn to reassess, reorient and reenergize to keep pace with the emergent times. With this fact in cognisance, I am sure KV,BSF,Ramgarh, is all set to forge a strong link to the chain of institutionsflourishing under the aegis ofKVS.

Today we are faced with the challenges of becoming a significant part of the swiftly transforming global outlook, on one hand. Whilst at the other, to honour and uphold the time tested moral values. Let us move ahead with peace and conviction daring to risk no matter what is the obstacle.
I call upon the teachers, as stake holders of education, to illuminate the mind and soul of our students for a paradigm shift in seeking knowledge and not just a mere acquisition of knowledge from learning to know to learning to learn. From how to live to how to adapt, thus, preparing student to meet the surrounding world in a positive and creative way.
Dear students, life is a hurdle race. To carve a niche for oneself requires a strong sense of faith in ones abilities, determination to achieve the target and will to persevere on the right path. The present times demand a strong sense of devotion and dedication to ones work, optimistic approach to life to gain strength in adverse situations.
Dear Parents, home is the place where virtues like love, compassion; tolerance and goodwill are cultivated. Pour out your love, care & quality time in nurturing your child. I look forward to your cooperation and valuable suggestions in providing students meaningful education. Let us join hands home school and society to contribute to the development of the most precious gift of God to man -Our Children. May our school family continue to grow and gain true wisdom.
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